WAYPOINT TOURS fully catered 4X4 self-drive adventures

Guided 4X4 tours with the unique speciality of including all meals

We provide a unique, premium quality service, unmatched by any other operators, suitable for all standard 4X4's with low-range, no need for expensive modifications.


Our tour prices are fully inclusive of all ferries, all meals and all accommodation.

Travelling with us is so convenient: you put fuel in your tank and we do the rest!

Waypoint Tours include more 4X4 off-road adventure driving than any other operator,

our fully catered service ensures your holiday is not wasted looking for supermarkets!


The only UK provider of fully catered 4X4 self-drive adventures

Wiltshire Weekends the ideal intro to our unique service     Botswana & Namibia


High Atlas & Sahara         Anti Atlas & Sahara         Deep South & Western Sahara


Wild Sardinia        Spanish Pyrenees        Rural Portugal        French & Italian Alps


Waypoint Tours are family friendly: U10's are free, 10-15's only quarter price!

Waypoint Tours Don't waste your holiday organising food, Instead you should be enjoying yourself !

We understand your leisure time is a precious commodity, we ensure you get the most from it. Leave the catering to us, and enjoy your holiday.


Forget the hassle of sourcing, buying, freezing, refrigerating, carrying and cooking all your food.


Let us prepare and serve you with our legendary BBQ and casserole-based meals every evening, while you relax with a drink around the campfire. 


There are plenty of so called '4X4 tour operators', there is only one Waypoint Tours.

If you value and appreciate quality, Waypoint Tours' service is the best you can get.


Waypoint Tours - the only UK provider of fully catered 4X4 self-drive adventures


We include breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with fried breakfasts & evening dessert.

Rib-eye steak followed by ice cream and chocolate sauce? Yes, even in the Sahara!

(Steaks are BBQ'd, served with mash, mixed salad and cracked peppercorn sauce)

Repeat business is the key to our success, most clients return time and again.

Because we offer: quality food, quality tracks, quality assurance, start to finish.


>  Our very small group sizes ensure there is space for everyone around the fire.

>  Our very high standard of catering ensures that everyone goes to bed well fed.

>  We take an adventurous approach, exploring remote areas unkown to others.


Our tours are relaxing enough to be holidays, challenging enough to be expeditions.

Come and enjoy nature with us, exploring by 4X4, camping, feasting from our BBQ!


Waypoint Tours - fully catered 4X4 adventure holidays for families:

Under 10's are free of charge 10-15's are quarter price accompanied by 2 adults.

Even so, children of all ages receive the same catering portions as their parents.


Waypoint Tours have the equipment, qualifications & experience

Only Waypoint Tours have a dependable track record providing consistently high quality, unique fully catered 4X4 self-drive adventures to interesting African and European destinations. We are the only 4X4 tour operator with the specialised equipment, qualifications and experience to serve our clients gourmet food daily.


We work very hard to bring you the best 4X4 experience available, and our quest for continuous improvement is recognised by both our new and returning clients alike.

Focussing on customer care, and consistently delivering top quality products and services, have always been the priorities of our business. We take pride in every gourmet meal we serve, on every unique overlanding adventure we run.


Our groups are small and personable, ensuring you get the best quality experience,

and over the past five years there have been repeat clients on every one of our tours.

Wiltshire weekends - the ideal opportunity to experience our fully catered service.

Our European tours are particularly popular with families and great fun for the kids. For those more adventurous, our Morocco expeditions include three unique routes.
Also on the itinerary is our fully catered Botswana & Namibia 4X4 fly drive safari.

Must your vehicle be equipped with a winch, bullbar, bash-plates, snorkel, and all those other expensive accessories? No, it just needs to be in good mechanical order. Tampering with a vehicle's original factory systems results in reduced dependability.


Why subject yourself to tins and packets when you could be feasting with Waypoint.
Cost? Do the sums, you will find that joining us is not much more than going alone.


If you value and appreciate quality, Waypoint Tours will fulfill your requirements


Waypoint Tours fully catered 4X4 overland expeditions in Africa

The emphasis of our trips is on exploring, so we continuously plot new routes and we never back-track, preferring to overcome the challenges which nature presents to us.


Consequently we experience the most diverse off-road driving conditions, through varying terrain, where some road-building and vehicle recoveries can be required.


Waypoint Tours are well known for avoiding over-touristed hotspots frequented by others. We concentrate our activities in more remote, unspoiled and seldom visited areas. You will not encounter mass-tourism hordes on a Waypoint Tour.


It's not all about driving though, we like to spend plenty of time out of the cars, visiting places of interest, meandering around the villages, and generally exploring the local culture as much as the environment. Markets provide a good insight to everyday life.


Midday sees us parked up in a pleasant setting, where the kids can play safely and adults take a break in the shade, while we prepare the lunches. Our four fridges are always well stocked with cheese & tomatoes, coronation chicken, tuna & sweetcorn, cold meats etc all of which go nicely with the local bakeries' fresh breads. Whenever available, we buy delicious fresh fruit and salads, for refreshment against the heat.


We usually finish the day's driving around 5pm and depending on location, we either stay at a campsite (often with swimming pool) or make a bivouac in the beauty of the wilderness. We offer a combination of wild camping and commercial campsites on all of our trips. It is often possible to upgrade to a room should you not wish to camp.


While you put up your tent and do your vehicle checks, we will be firing up the BBQ or heating up the tagine, for the evening meal. Whether we are at a campsite near town or a bivouac in the middle of nowhere, you will be served a hearty gourmet feast and often followed by tasty dessert. Ice cream in the Sahara? Yes, why not?


Our evenings are spent gathered around the fire, marvelling at spectacular shooting stars and discussing the 'heroics' of the day. Or mercilessly having a chuckle at the next person's expense. It's usually a bit of both, and lasting friendships are forged.

If this sounds enjoyable to you, get in touch so we can start planning your adventure.


Waypoint Tours - the only UK provider of fully catered 4X4 self-drive adventures


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