Fully Catered 4X4 Adventure Tours - inclusive and unique

comprehensive port to port services, full board transit days incl!

All of our European tours are particularly popular with families and great fun for kids, for the more intrepid explorer, our Morocco expeditions include three unique routes!

Waypoint 4X4 Tours Click on the graphic to watch our HD movie and see what you could experience on a WAYPOINT 4X4 TOUR!

Only WAYPOINT 4X4 TOURS provide the best fully inclusive 4X4 adventures tours > unique port-port services, fully catered transit days, full board en route and all meals!

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NEW! Massif Winter Recce, Feb 2017. Mud & Snow tyres required:

exciting new non-camping off-road adventurefull board incl all hotels & restaurants

rare opportunity to join a recce trip12-18 Feb incl 1+1 transit days @ £1,195 p.p.

guided 4X4 tours with the unique speciality of including all meals

Focussing on customer care, and consistently delivering top quality products and services, have always been the priorities of our business. We take pride in every gourmet meal we serve, on every unique overlanding adventure we lead.


Only Waypoint Tours have the specialised equipment & experience

specialising in fully catered 4X4 adventure tours for young families

Our groups are small and personable, assuring everyone the best quality experience

and, although this means we need to charge more, most of our clients keep returning

Waypoint Tours are the genuine article. Watch and see for yourself

Waypoint Tours fully catered 4X4 fly drive safari in Southern Africa

Waypoint Tours - special 4X4 experiences like never before